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Cocina libre

Tupac Berlin is a restaurant of creative Latin American cuisine. Inspired by the great revolutionary leader Tupac Amaru, we put all our passion and thirst for changes in our culinary art. Tupac Berlin is there to amaze you with the innovative approach to South American kitchen, symphony of flavors and full spectrum of tastes.


Dear guests,

Due to Coronavirus outbreak in Germany, we have decided to temporarily close the doors of our restaurant. It is not an easy decision for us as we love cooking for you and are sincerely happy to see every of you at Tupac.

We must all stay strong and do everything possible to minimize the spread of a virus. We do believe that to protect our customers and our staff, we need to voluntarily close as it is the only right thing to do.

Separate but together we need to stay strong and give emotional intimacy in the times of social distancing.
Let’s all meet for a Pisco Sour when the danger is over.


Turn your dining into cultural experience

Tupac Berlin was founded in February 2019. It is the first project of our chef, Ariel Peralta. Ariel previously worked in Central restaurant in Peru that traditionally ranks in top 10 of the best restaurants worldwide. Ariel brings his experience and vision to Tupac. We make sure our guests get the best out of their dining experience: delicious extraordinary dishes, creative cocktails and friendly supportive staff.




Cocina libre, cocina deproducto

Our philosophy is influenced by the two concepts: cocina libre and cocina deproducto.
Cocina libre is about creative freedom to interpret and modify traditional recipes.
We do not limit ourselves to any fix rules and by doing that achieve the perfect unique taste.
Cocina deproducto calls for conscious consumption. The majority of our products comes from Berlin-Brandenburg region. Our menu is seasonal. We only work with producers, who respect their products. Cocina deproducto ensures that our clients always get fresh and high-quality ingredients.


Our Menu